Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Breaking My Heart

Every now and then something is said...carelessly, usually in a brief moment of frustration/upset/anger...something that would never be said 'just that way' or even at all that echoes in the mind and heart.

Had a moment with Wolf like that this eve.

Was relating a convo I had with Diva. She'd brought it up all on her own, about fostering/adopting. We talked about the concerns Wolf had (she asked why Daddy didn't want to yet) about time with the more kid means less time to spend with the ones we already have. She said, (bless her loving heart) that she would be ok with that, that this is something important to do, that every kid deserves a home where they're loved, and she wouldn't ever be so selfish as to not want to share us with a child that needs good parents so bad.

I love that kid.

Anyways, Wolf basically reacted like I cornered him with a bat. Spouted off a few ill chosen sentances, and stomped away.

He apologized later, and I told him I didn't care, I give up.

It breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that at the moment, my husband is more than content to sit on the sidelines and let someone else worry about these parentless children, these young souls so badly in need of permanency, of love, of home, of healing.

It breaks my heart that we're sitting back and becoming one of the apathetic masses. While my heart most definately is NOT of the attitude, "Hey, not my kid, not my problem." our actions say it anyways. Or rather, our inactions.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. BE the change you want to see in the world. I believe these things utterly and completely.

And somewhere, tonight, every night, there is a child that prays for a family, whose prayer goes unanswered.

Wolf, The Tool

My husband is a tool. God love him, someone's got to, and apparently he's part of my lesson in paitence. *sigh* But, along the way, we do get some laughs...ok, a lot of them, and its probably what keeps us going. Even if I wanna kill him first, and laugh second. Here's a perfect example:

Grabbed At Safeway

Kids and I went to Safeway to pick up bread and a few odds and ends. Diva and Taz went to the washroom, and I was in the dairy aisle.

Caught movement out the corner of my eye, and suddenly my butt's grabbed! I yelped, whirling around, raising my knee to plant in the offenders package.

There stood my idiot husband, at a safe distance, snickering. Bugger had finished work early, and headed to pick up bread for home. I called him a few choice names and then collapsed on the edge of the case.

I was somewhat impressed that my first reaction was a knee plant.

The woman who watched it all go down had a good chuckle.

And then, as we're snuggling down for sleep, he mentions a conversation he had with an xray tech last week...

Wolf: So, as she was putting that lead thingie over my package, I asked her, "If you leave that off, would I still need a vasectomy?"
Tech: "Yes"
Wolf: I was rather bummed by that. Thought it could be one stop shopping.

Giggling yourself to sleep is a good thing.

Ok, Election Results

So, I suck as a political pundit. None of my predictions came true...which proves one point. Common sense and politics don't mix.

Droid won another minority, with more seats. I got that part right.

Unfortunately, Canadians voted more for WhatsHisFaceThatCan'tEvenSpeakEnglish than for the 'Stache. Don't ask me how or why, but they did.

Another four years of Droidship.

The only bright light on the horizon is if Obama wins in the States. Droid won't know how to kiss his butt...Obama is too common sense and real, not an aristocrat with no clue of the average person.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Election Day Canada

Much to the shock of American counterparts, our election day has arrived. They can't believe that we can call and hold an election in about a month. I can't figure out how or why their process takes a it a plot to bore the average American voter into a coma?


We have three major political parties in Canada. (No, I'm not including the Green Party at this point. I said 'major', people. When I saw the leader of the GP on the english debates, I honestly thought that it was a regular person of the street brought in to heckle. I still haven't figured out how the heck she got included. Pouting and whining, apparently)

For those not aware, let me give you a briefing on the candidates.

The Android: current PM of Canada. So arrogant that he didn't even have an economic plan in his election campaign. Honestly, he's so incredibly out of touch that its frightening.

Commments include: "Canadians aren't worried about their jobs." and "Its a good time to invest in the stockmarket"

Crowning achievements: Taxing income trusts, leaving many seniors losing a huge chunk of their income...after promising that they would remain tax free of course. Also, kissing GWB heinie.

Potential upside: If the States elect Obama, it would be interesting to watch the Droid deal...but if they elect McCain, we're all screwed.

Potential Downside: This arrogant piece of furniture for another 4 yrs? We can't afford that as a country.

WhatsHisFaceThatCan'tEvenSpeakEnglish (WHFTCESE): Leader of the Official Opposition

Crowning Achievements: Managing to become a party leader, speaking only ONE of the official languages fluently. Unfortunately, not the one spoken by the majority of the country as a first language. This implies that he has some sort of hypnotic charisma that doesn't translate through the TV, or knows where a lot of bodies are buried. No clue what he's done as leader of the OO. That leads me to believe, not a whole heck of a lot...which is quite dangerous considering its his job to OPPOSE.

Potential Upside: None that I can see.

Potential Downside: Uh, we need a PM that can speak our languages. Especially when it comes to Foreign Relations. This yahoo would end up having us bombed or something with his brilliant command of english.

The 'Stache: Leader of NDP.

Crowning Achievements: Has made the NDP a serious contender in this election. Granted, not as huge an accomplishment considering his opponents, but one to be nodded to anyways. Strongest candidate, with an actual emotional capacity AND command of both languages. I may have my first Politician Crush on that basis alone. (Did I mention how pathetic the opponents are? No offence, Mr. Layton, but I'm not a Politician Crush kinda gal). Also wins 'Best Line Of The English Debate Award' : (to WHFTCESE) "You can't do your job as Leader of the Opposition. I don't know what you're doing running for Prime Minister."

Potential Upside: NDP government, with their spending on social programs is needed to heal after The Android.

Potential Downside: Can't see a majority happening.

Ok, so where's that leave us? I have two potential forecasts.

One: Canadians are lobotomized, and re-elect The Droid, for another minority. The Stache and crew become The Opposition Party. WHFTCESE is in 3rd, wondering what the heck happened.

Two: NDP wins a minority government. Droid takes 2nd. 3rd remains the same. Droid throws a hissy, and calls a non-confidence vote asap, believing in his complete arrogance that Canadians were only joking. A 2nd election leads to an NDP majority, with Canadians giving the Droid the synchronized bird.

I can hope...

Monday, October 13, 2008


Ok, so this blog is a day late at the Stepford Home, but I was a weeeeee bit busy yesterday, what with the turkey stuffing, roasting, etc.

Yes, to all the Non-Canadians out there, today is Thanksgiving here in the Frozen Tundra. I did dinner yesterday, so we could relax today.

Dinner was yummy. I'm becoming a serious devotee of Ree, the Pioneer Woman. If you haven't the foggiest who or what I'm talking about, go
here. Fair warning, this is no low fat sissy crap food. This is a pack on the pounds in a completely delightful dancing tastebud kinda food. I did the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes recipe from there last night. Heavenly! Oh, and a word of warning...her sheet cake is addictive. Completely. I refuse to make it more than every 2-3 months, otherwise we wouldn't fit through doors.

Ok, so now that I've done my part to create new Pioneer Woman Addicts, on with the show, right?

Food was wonderful, had the single neighbour guy over...I take pity every now and then, and invite him for supper. As the stereotypical bach goes, he rarely cooks for himself, eats out constantly, and honestly, he's gettin kinda scrawny. Wolf enjoys his company, and I think, if truth be told, Wolf also enjoys showing off. The wife that can cook, the kids who adore him, etc. He may not have a sports car or disposable income that allows him to golf every wknd like the NSG, but he's got a wife that can cook just about anything, and for single guys, apparently that's a skill that rates higher than the bedroom. Who knew?

I've always said that married men live longer cause they don't eat their own cooking.

So, down to the heart of the matter. What am I thankful for?

Well, I'm thankful for my family. Duh. Wolf had a trip to the ER this week, and thank God he's fine and well, its some muscles in his back causing issues. I'm thankful for my children. I'm so sorry to them that I haven't always been the mother they deserved, especially in my single parent days, but I take heart in knowing that yes, I'm a far better mother NOW, and that I try every day to be better than yesterday.

I realized last night that every moment of joy in my life that meant anything was because of my husband and children. And I am so eternally thankful for that.

I'm thankful for my friends, the ones that KNOW me, and that they still stick around. I only hope that I can give as much as they have.

I'm thankful for the strengthening of my faith, and learning to know and love and accept God and Christ in ways I didn't know of before.

And I'll be incredibly grateful and thankful if next year sees another face at my table for Thanksgiving.