Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seventh Wedding Anniversary

Ours was last Saturday.

Hard to believe that its been only seven years in some ways, hard to believe that its been as long as seven years in others, if that makes sense.

Normally we try to follow the traditional gifts, but wool in April just doesn't work

So, I bought Wolf a watch. Its nice enough to use as a dress watch (assuming we ever go anywhere ) and sturdy enough that he could wear it to work and it would be ok. I had the back engraved: "7 years and still ticking! Love The Wife" Guy looked at me funny for that, lol!

Wolf bought be a lovely pair of Peridot earrings with diamond chips encircling the stone, and a jewelery box. I was very surprised, and I guess it showed.

He looked sheepish and said, "I know you don't like your birthstone, but I wanted to replace the earrings my sister stole."


He's right. I hate my birthstone. When he gave me the first pair for my 30th birthday, he said, "I couldn't remember if you loved or hated your birthstone, just that you had a strong reaction to it." So yeah, I do hate Peridot, but love the earrings were precious, and I wore them a lot until they went 'missing', later spotted being worn by my SIL.

The reason I don't like my birthstone is that its the colour or pus. Or snot. Blech.

He's so happy I haven't taken them off, even to the point of prompting me to show the nurse that comes out every Friday.

Yeah. Stuff like this explains a lot of why we've made it seven years.