Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goals Met!

Some good news from me for a change!

I met my writing goals for this month!

As of last night, I submitted to three short story contests!

The first story I'm ok with. Too much editing drove me a bit whacky, and just lost my interest in the story. Its not a bad story, just had to tinker with it too much.

Story #2 I really enjoyed. Its the shortest of the 3, but to attempt to add more would have just taken away from it. Its exactly the length it needed to be.

Story #3 I'm just plain thrilled with. Its a genre that I don't normally write, and not even a genre I read. Normally, I'm a suspense/mystery/horror/thriller/romance fan, so that's what I tend to write. My gf K challenged me to write something completely different, with no 'hook' so to speak. Literary fiction, rather than genre. About people, personalities as the plot.

So I did.

And I have to say, without false bragging, it turned out amazingly well. And for me to think something is GOOD that I accomplished...well, that should give you an idea as to just how pleased I am with it.

I'm planning on turning it into a full length novel, but it requires a ton o'research first.

Sooooooooo, I have other writing to attend to, as pain permits. Somedays I just can' I revel in the days I can.

I won't have any idea as to if I've even made the short list for any of the 3 for months. Indeed, one of them only the winner and runners up are contacted...sometime in JUNE. I kid you not.

Thank heavens I've got enough on the go not to be able to obsess about it. Much, anyways.

Two more deadlines next month for writing contests, and I *still* want to submit some articles to magazines.

Here's hoping for some positive news soon!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok, so to update everyone on where I'm at...

I'm off work, again.

I gave my boss my Drs note, and she sent me home, saying that head office will have to sort it out. She agreed that I had been in visible pain on the Thursday, and I informed her that the Monday was worse.

I then received a letter from WCB, saying in part that pain isn't a consideration in their decision making about fitness for work, as there's no evidence or way to measure it.

WTF? Uh, they approved my claim of Complex Regional PAIN Syndrome. Wouldn't you think that PAIN would be a consideration?

Then I found this:

Its on their own website, a policy specifically to deal with 'chronic pain syndrome'. So how the heck does she think that pain isn't a consideration?

I've gotten my government rep involved, my union is involved, my Dr has both written a letter AND requested a call, I've written a letter, and my specialist wrote a letter, objecting to the work modifications...and dead silence from WCB.

I've done everything asked of me. I still may lose my benefits until an appeal is filed and heard, which can take 3-4 mths from the initial request.

Union isn't due to get my full file for another 4 wks or so.

So, I'm in limbo, waiting.