Friday, January 16, 2009

And The H Has It...

Courtesy of Jane, another blogger, 10 things of my favourite things that start with H...
  1. Husband. I don't know if he counts as a 'thing' but close enough.
  2. Hope. Need more of it, but its what allows me to dream.
  3. Hormones. Horniness makes the Husband bearable on days when I'd like to bury him in the yard.
  4. Humour. Thank God I still have a sense of Ha Ha, or I'd be buried in the yard.
  5. Home. Place to love, yell, argue, make up.
  6. Heathens, aka the kids. My reasons why, no matter the day.
  7. Hercules. I can't be the only Canadian kid that remembers that cartoon. "Put on the ring, Herc! Put on the ring!"
  8. Hippos. They're cute, and I always feel skinny standing next to one.
  9. Heat. I live in Edmonton, its an essential life giving issue.
  10. Harvey's. The home of the best burgers and onion rings, in all their charbroiled made to order goodness. Unfortunately, not as popular here in Edmonton as in Ontario, and my Harvey lust goes too often unsatisfied.