Monday, February 23, 2009

Rejection, and Other Issues

So, received a rejection today from the biggest parenting magazine in Canada. Or, as my friend J pointed out, they rejected my *pitch* not my *writing* since you send them a query, outlining the idea you have, and they decide if they want to see it or not...and they said, 'not'.

So, theres that. I'll keep plugging away, sending queries along. I wonder what the line is between 'persistant' and 'harrassment'? Guessing I'll find out, depending on if I finally get a positive response to a query, or a 'cease and desist' notice from a lawyer, lol!

On the other side, I do have 2 other actual articles submitted to them, in a different theme that they request full articles to be submitted. We're at week 3 of 6 that they say they'll contact you by if interested. Hopefully I hear a 'yes' from them on one of them soon!

One thing I find myself doing when stuff happens around the house these days is debating if its blog or article material. If I blog something, then I can't really use it in an article...what magazine wants a blog that's already available for free? So, it gets a wee bit tricky.

That the thought even occurs to me at all is a positive sign of how very seriously I'm taking creating a freelance writing career for myself...but may not bode as well for blog followers.

Wish me luck though...I need it!!