Sunday, October 2, 2011

Five Weeks!

Holy cow.

5 wks or less until baby is here. HOW did that happen?

Pregnancy usually seems to last forever, at least to me...until now. Now I'm wondering where it went.

If I make it to 39 wks (which the OB doubts) he'll induce, so I know it won't be more than 5 wks from now.

Am I the only one that can get to the end of pregnancy and find the idea of a new baby in the house still a bit surreal? I mean, I know it's happening, but trying to imagine the reality just escapes me somehow.

Its also interesting how different it is, being that this is our last baby. My other kids, I was in a 'hurry up, get to the end, have the baby already!' feeling.

This time, I find myself in the mind set of whenever it happens, it happens, enjoy the feeling of baby rumbling around while I can.