Thursday, June 25, 2009

Death Of An Icon..? No Elvis Or John Lennon!!

So, Michael Jackson is dead.
The King of Pop.
Prince o'Weird.
Kiddy Diddler.

Whatever you want to call him, dead at the age of 50. Leaving behind three children (two with the same name I believe, both boys are Prince Michael something...what, in case one got lost?!) by who knows which uterus.

Can you tell I'm not a fan?

I was, once. Back when I was a preteen, and Thriller was huge. When Moonwalking was the rage, and the one white sequined glove was cool. Back when MJ was black, basically.

And even still, over the years, I gave a nod to his musical talent, because I do acknowledge his musical gifts. He *was* talented, no doubt. But what also became rapidly clear, was that he had an unhealthy affection for young boys.

I'm sorry, no matter what lack of evidence and lack of conviction occurred, you don't pay parents off unless there's guilt involved. You just don't. And repeated accusations by different families...If it quacks, walks, and be a duck.

The fact that he had children of his own frightened me. And yeah, I watched the MJ special that he invited a journalist into Neverland and cooperated with. And it was uber creepy...worst of all, he didn't even REALIZE IT.

But, I beg of everyone out there in the 'net...for all that's ever was and will be...



Yes, he was talented. Got it. But neither the King of Rock and Roll nor The Walrus were ever charged with kiddy diddling. So can we NOT sully their memories with the comparison? Please?

The Domestic Goddess, for one, would be very appreciative.