Monday, May 3, 2010

Small Miracles

I firmly believe that every day, small unnoticed miracles happen.  Today I noticed.

Diva and I were reading her math, when she realized I was missing an earring.

Wolf bought me peridot and diamond studs for our wedding anniversary, to replace the ones that went 'missing' that he'd bought for my 30th birthday.  I've been wearing them ever since.

Anyways, I have a mini heart attack.  Went to my room, checked everywhere, no earring.  My heart sinks as I think of all the places the earring could be, including down the shower drain.  I'm always fiddling with my earrings, tightening the backs, turning them...checking to see if they're there...but I couldn't remember the last time I'd noticed them. 

So, I'm searching the bathroom, just about in tears...and spot the earring.  It was at the base of the sink cupboard.

It sounds like such a silly thing, but I'm so incredibly grateful for me, it *is* a miracle that the earring was found.  Of all the places it could have been, including the dog park that my gf K and I were at find it at all...

Yes, I'm giving thanks.  Big time.