Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not A Cat Person, But...

I like our cat, as far as cats go.  He's huge, runs our small pony/dog and is generally friendly, although absolutely Wolf's pet.  Probably cause Wolf does the feeding/litter issues.  And I'm good w/that.

Is it wrong then, that the 1 time (we know of) that Jack the Cat caught a mouse...Wolf's indignation that his cat a) didn't eat the darned thing and b) left it in his clean laundry basket, btwn a pair of socks...

I laughed til I cried.  Where Wolf couldn't hear me, of course.  Diva wasn't that controlled, and laughed in front of Daddy, and was treated to a chorus of, "That's not funny!  My socks stink now!" which only fuelled my hurry to, jet propelled.  Upstairs, behind a door, face in a pillow, shrieking with laughter.

And I'm still snickering.

Oh, and a note...on my tag labels, 'humour' and 'husband' are one word apart.  Coincidence?  I'm thinking not so much...*runs*