Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Homeschooling We Will Blog

Dear heavens, I'm going to end up with more blogs than I can shake a stick at. See, I've got different email addys...and all I was TRYING to do was to add another email addy to THIS blog, so that I didn't have to sign in, sign out...I was starting to get MPD just because of email addys. Not a healthy thing, when I've already got some naturally occurring mental friends and loved ones call it 'the artistic temperment'. Basically, I can live in my head with plotlines and subplots and characters quite happily, while blithely stepping around a pile of 2 wks worth of laundry and so forth.

Anyways, it means that I've fractured myself into yet another blog. Homeschooling, the Non Stepford Style.

Now...question will become if I blog there exclusively for homeschooling stuff, copy and paste stuff from here about homeschooling...or bounce around like a psychotic super ball, posting on every blog.

Who knows.

When I figure it out, I'll let you guys know, then you can follow whatever blog suits your fancy.

Or...I'll end up in a padded room, from Blogger Induced MPD.

Just call me Sybil.