Saturday, June 21, 2008

Not A Stepford Wife...

Well, really...what more is there to say? My entire life, and personality, summed up in 4 simple words. Not A Stepford Wife. I should make it into a bumper sticker, but chances are its trademarked. Wonder if the blog police will come and shut me down, serve me with subpeonas and haul my butt into court for infringement? pffffffffft. That would imply that anyone reads it, lol!

I guess the polite thing to do is to introduce myself. But that means good manners and breeding, and duh...I did warn you, didn't I? And besides...why give you all the goods in the first blog? Better to string out the anticipation, methinks. I'll be sure to add a cast of charecters soon enough.

Just a lil fyi...blogging will be somewhat slow, due to an arm injury. But, stick around...cause I'm no Stepford Wife...but I'm more than worth the wait!