Monday, September 6, 2010

'Long' Weekends, Flying Cats, And Dog Drool

At least, that's what the calendar tells me.  Didn't work out that way at the Non Stepford home.  At least not for me.

I haven't been sleeping well again.  Weather is shifting to colder (we didn't get the heat wave everyone else on the planet seemed to), and that plays holy Hades with my RSD.

I have a vague memory/impression of Saturday.  Took Diva grocery shopping.  Came home, and remember Wolf telling me, "Now go to bed for 18 hours."  

I went to bed for 20.  Yes, 20.  Not a typo.

My husband was checking me for breathing, tickling my face to get me to move when he couldn't see my chest rise and fall.  He has some weird issue with sleeping beside a dead woman.  Probably the safest he'd be in our marriage, if I were dead.  No chance of smothering him in his sleep or anything.

I do know I woke up at one point.  His cat (yes, *his*) jumped off our window sill and landed directly on my elbow of my bad arm.  His cat is about 20 lbs.  I cursed the cat and passed back out. If I'd been more aware, the cat would have flown a second time. Cat doesn't belong in our room at any time, let alone when we're sleeping.

Yes, I'm one of those weirdos that loathes animals in my bedroom.  Cat hair on my pillow.  *gack*  Massive dog drool on my sheets. *double gack*

Speaking of which, that's a problem we're having with Wunder Dawg lately.  For those not familiar, she's a small pony of a supposed dog.  Great Pyrenees x with Akbash.  We've had her for just over a year now, and she's developed this lovely drool issue.  She shakes her head and its like flying dog snot everywhere.  Its drool, but the consistency...

To be totally gross, I did at one point suggest it could be bottled and sold as a lubricant.  Replace WD-40...or something like that.  All organic.  Might pay for her food bill.  Maybe.

Wolf's golfing today.  I *should* be getting all organized for school tomorrow, but its just not happening...or hasn't happened yet.  I had great intentions, does that count?

I blame my inertia on losing 20 hrs this wknd.  My brain hasn't figured out that the weekend ends today, and is insisting its tomorrow.

Yeah.  That's it.