Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wolf, The Tool

My husband is a tool. God love him, someone's got to, and apparently he's part of my lesson in paitence. *sigh* But, along the way, we do get some laughs...ok, a lot of them, and its probably what keeps us going. Even if I wanna kill him first, and laugh second. Here's a perfect example:

Grabbed At Safeway

Kids and I went to Safeway to pick up bread and a few odds and ends. Diva and Taz went to the washroom, and I was in the dairy aisle.

Caught movement out the corner of my eye, and suddenly my butt's grabbed! I yelped, whirling around, raising my knee to plant in the offenders package.

There stood my idiot husband, at a safe distance, snickering. Bugger had finished work early, and headed to pick up bread for home. I called him a few choice names and then collapsed on the edge of the case.

I was somewhat impressed that my first reaction was a knee plant.

The woman who watched it all go down had a good chuckle.

And then, as we're snuggling down for sleep, he mentions a conversation he had with an xray tech last week...

Wolf: So, as she was putting that lead thingie over my package, I asked her, "If you leave that off, would I still need a vasectomy?"
Tech: "Yes"
Wolf: I was rather bummed by that. Thought it could be one stop shopping.

Giggling yourself to sleep is a good thing.

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