Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ok, Election Results

So, I suck as a political pundit. None of my predictions came true...which proves one point. Common sense and politics don't mix.

Droid won another minority, with more seats. I got that part right.

Unfortunately, Canadians voted more for WhatsHisFaceThatCan'tEvenSpeakEnglish than for the 'Stache. Don't ask me how or why, but they did.

Another four years of Droidship.

The only bright light on the horizon is if Obama wins in the States. Droid won't know how to kiss his butt...Obama is too common sense and real, not an aristocrat with no clue of the average person.


Linda said...

Ok, I admit, I was waiting for you to post this, although, I did read it in the paper this morning. So, you caught me, lol. Umm..I must disagree, respectfully, of course, Obama is not who you think he is. Maybe "fishface" will do good? Have hope and faith. Please keep us updated. Have a blessed day.

Linda said...

PS. Where are your other "stalkers"? I can not be the only one. (more rofl)

(ok, now that I manage to have you spill your Timmys all over the screen, I will help you pick up the mess, LOLOLOL)

Domestic Goddess said...

In comparison to the McPalin crew, I think Obama is genuinely the best choice that the States have. Palin is just bloody scary, when you look past the surface. She's the only politician I know that has the absolute gall to show up for a debate, and essentially say, "I'll only answer the questions I WANT to." and proceed to do just that.