Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok, I'm more than a little frustrated/angry, so lets just get this all out in the open, shall we?

Yes, I homeschool. Yes, I will never willingly put another child in public school. Yes, I completely, totally, and utterly believe that my children are better off homeschooling than in public school. Obviously, or I wouldn't do it.

I am, however, completely tired of the knee jerk defensive reaction that our decision to homeschool our children creates in parents whose children attend public school, so lets get it all out on the table.

I don't care if you homeschool your child or not. Its got nothing at all to do with me...just as our decision to homeschool our children has nothing to do with you. So quit telling me about what my child is missing out on, because to YOU my child is missing my children and myself, there's absolutely NOTHING that public school could possibly provide that we cannot at home, often in a far superior manner. I can completely tailor to my child's learning style, to their strengths and weaknesses. A teacher with 30 or so students simply cannot do that. There's not enough time in a day for them to do it. My children have social activities, more now than when Diva was in public school, and the best part is, its POSITIVE social interaction, unlike the bullying that she endured in public school. Zero Tolerance my fat tush.

When I talk about a positive thats occured during homeschooling, when I say, 'this is why I homeschool', its not a put down of anything. Its me sharing my happiness and excitement. Comments about kids being excited about going to school or comments about why you can't homeschool are completely unneccesary.

If you feel the need to defend public school, then maybe you should take a look at WHY you're so defensive, rather than take it out on someone that's chosen differently.


Bestill said...

Ahhhhhh my girl, you do what you know you are called to do and don't let it get to you. IF you let them get to you, you have given them power in your life. I am all about taking your power back today. LOL

Iva said...

How's this year going for you?