Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shopping, Date Night, Animals, Birthday, Social Workers...

Hows that for a title, lmao!

So, its been a heck of a time, the last 4 days or so. Friday, I went to an electronics store, I'd gotten a flyer that they had stuff on mega cheap, and our camera had died. On impulse, I applied for a credit card, fully expecting to be rejected...but I was approved! I'm now the proud owner of a Canon camera and a Canon dvd camcorder. Unfortunately, I had to come face to face with my disability and realize that the Canon Rebel that I want so bad I cannot physically manage at this point.

Then Saturday, I was sent out on Mission Impossible, aka clothes shopping. I actually managed to find some things that I loved and looked good in, including an outfit for tonight! A royal purple tunic sweater, black leggings, and I succumbed to temptation and got myself this wonderfully soft grey knitted shawl/poncho thingie to go over it, since I don't have a spring jacket (Additon Elle having a 40% off 2nd item is a dangerous thing for me. I actually feel GOOD shopping there, and their clothes make me both feel and look pretty!)...and realized quickly that I needed boots to go with. Running shoes or sandals just weren't going to cut it. So, 5 minutes before the stores close, I get a pair of black dress boots. Yay me!!!

So, get home, shower, get ready. Alls well...until I go to put on the 2nd boot. I came home with two LEFT boots! Could only happen to me, lmfao! We went on our date, talked about fostering amongst other things.

Then Sunday, we picked up The Princess' early birthday gift. Its really for the entire family, but Princess is absolutley nuts about cats. So now we have Jack, a bengal/coon mix...or so they think at the rescue. I mean, unless you're dealing with a breeder, who the heck really knows?

Which brings us to yesterday. The Princess turned two! And, we had a social worker out to the house to talk about us becoming foster parents. Found out that we'd have some minor repairs to do around the house, lock up all meds and chemicals (including shaving cream!), what classes we'd need, the application process...and when all of that is done, they'd be looking to place a boy with us Taz' age, so that they could share a room.

We haven't decided if we're going to pursue this right now, or wait until we're in a larger place, but at least now we know the hoops needed to jump through, the classes to take, etc. We're leaning towards waiting until after WCB is done whatever it is they'll do with me, then moving. I'd hate to have to put a foster child through yet another transistion.

Oh, and to add...Taz broke a neighbour's window. Threw a pebble, and hit just the wrong way to produce a bullet hole effect. It'll wipe out our savings to repair, since its a double paned vacuum sealed dohickey, but at least we HAVE the savings to cover it. So much for my Christmas account *sob*

Its been a busy weekend!


smnthpt said...

Love the new look of your blog. Quite the facelift! You sound much better than you did. Glad to see it! :-)

Domestic Goddess said...

Yeah, needed something other than the pink...now, if I could figure out how to put a pic as a background...lol!

I have my moments...up and down.