Saturday, May 21, 2011

Results of 3 Hr Testing

I haven't received the final outcome of the medical panel yet, but apparently should by next Friday.

BUT...I was told that they had to edit part of the report due to the results *finally* coming in this wk from the 3 hr torture test I went through back the beginning of April.

Got those today.

Long story short, this is the results of the testing:

"This is an abnormal study. There is evidence of abnormal responses on sudomotor (sweat), vasomotor (thermal) and sensory perception testing in the right upper limb. These findings support the diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD)"


I was so terrified, esp when I was told the report needed to be edited due to the test results. I *knew* that my response to the testing wasn't 'normal', but my big fear was that the results would be 'inconclusive' and they'd make me go through all of that Hell again.

I feel dizzy and nauseated, I'm so relieved.

Now, just praying that the MPO agrees with my Drs now that they have objective proof of the dx, and things will be so excellent.

Many thanks to those who have given prayers and support, and continue to do so.


deborah said...

I found your website through Well Trained Mond's forum and just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I just spent the last 4-5 years at who knows how many docs and specialists to get a confirmed diagnosis of my disease. So I wanted to offer my support and cheer you on now that you got your diagnosis. I know what a huge relief it is to have a name for your suffering and it sounds like it took a while for you, too. Take care, Deboran Howard

Domestic Goddess said...

Thanks Deboran! I received my Dx almost 3 yrs ago. Its Worker's Comp that has been balking, every single exam I have had has agreed with the original dx. The redundant hoop jumping, to prove yet again what I already know...with any luck, this test will be the final one.

Iva said...