Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Worst Migraine EVER

I've had migraines as long as I can remember.

The one I had last night scared the heck out of me. I've had some bad ones since developing RSD, but this...this was something else.

First, keep in mind I'm on pretty heavy narcotics to start with, with a short term 'emergency' narcotic to take when the pain is beyond coping with.

So, for a migraine to get through my 'normal' meds is pretty harsh.

For it not to respond to my fast acting meds...that's even worse.

This was so incredibly bad that not only could I not move my head because my neck muscles completely seized up, but I also vomited x2. Normally, if I'm sleeping during the day (this hit at about 1215 pm...I woke dh from a nap at 130, and was in bed shortly after) I wear ear plugs and use a shirt rolled up over my eyes as a sort of sleep mask.

I couldn't use the ear plugs. They hurt like I was putting hot drill bits in my ears.

I couldn't use the shirt. It felt like I was trying to gouge out my eyes with my thumbs. Even unrolling and draping the shirt over my eyes was too much to bear. I pushed it aside, but it was still touching the top of my head, making me feel like something was trying to crush the top of my skull.

Even laying on my side, the pressure of my hand under my pillow was too much. Rolling over made me feel like my head was going to fall off.

Normally, with a migraine, I have my hand/arm over my eyes. Going up the stairs to bed, I couldn't figure out where to hold...my eyes, forehead, top of skull or back because it all hurt so badly, and felt like my skull was going to shatter.

The light and sound sensitivity was beyond incredible.

Today, I still feel very nauseated, and my neck muscles are still tight...not as bad as last night. I have pressure in the back of my skull, creeping up the right side, and beginning to make my right eye water as the pain/pressure starts up again.

I called my Dr, he's on vacation.

Called the health link, nurse says to go to a walk in clinic.

My gf, that had an aneurysm a few years ago is demanding I go into the ER, because what I had last night is EXACTLY how she felt a few days before she ended up in the hospital...after hers had ruptured, she was still walking around for a few days.

Wolf is at work. Unless the pain amps up, I'm waiting til he's home to do anything.

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