Thursday, October 15, 2009

Migraine Update

Migraine came back, ended up in the ER.

Very long evening cut short, the CT was clear, they did 3 tries at a lumbar puncture and couldn't get it. Wanted me to stay the night and get it done this am with xray and dye.

I said thanks, but no thanks and came home. There was something like a 2-3% chance it could have been missed in the CT...I figure thats a pretty low chance, and was way sore and in tears when I made the decision.

I basically laid on the couch yesterday. The Littles took turns snuggling with Mommy. My back is still really tender from the three attempts at the lumbar puncture.

The nurse that was there when the Dr was doing the puncture was a young woman, probably a recent graduate...she was sooooooo nice! Poor girl...she was attempting to comfort me, and rubbed my bad arm...I yelped. But, she stuck by me, letting me attempt to break her hand as the Dr did the three attempts.

Headache is still present, giving me a vague pressure/pain thing...but unless it gets dramatically worse, I'm going nowhere. The Dr warned me that if it does get dramatic again, to get my butt in to the ER again...and go through the whole song and dance once more, but to stick around for the xray puncture if needed. He said the majority of potential aneurysms turn out to be horrifically bad migraines, but my description of it sounded like a sub arachnoid aneurysm. I hear arachnoid and think spiders, lol!


Dhiraj said...

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Jane! said...

Gah! Sounds awful! I hope everything comes out okay.
I'm sure you will feel much better just knowing that you are now on my sidebar. It's one of the things that's been on my list of blog updates, but I never seem to get around to that stuff. Feel better!
(like it's up to you)

Domestic Goddess said...

Yay, I'm on the side bar!!! W00t!!!