Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well, Its Excercise, Right?

Tazzie and the Princess are having a grand ol' time. They're taking turns walking each other. On a leash.

Now, before anyone calls the Kiddie Kops on me, my children don't wear collars. We've *thought* about putting collars on them...shock collars even...but never have. So, they're taking turns holding an end of the leash.

Its Diva's fault, really.

Diva got it into her head to walk Jack the Eunich Cat this am. Went on and on about how he deserves fresh air and excercise, it was mean to keep him cooped up, blah blah blah. By the time she was done, I had visions of my face on a PETA most wanted poster. So, I let her.

Now the littles are taking is Diva, the other Jack the Eunich Cat.

At least its excercise, right?

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Linda said...

{lol}}Imp..You have me rolling..when Liam was a toddler, we put a leash on him whenever we went out shopping or 'malling'. One of those safety leashes, we bought it from Sears. This bought back memories..smiles