Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hurry Up And Wait

Seems to be a theme of my life these days. And anyone who knows me even slightly knows that patience is NOT one of my many virtues. Nuh uh. I want it YESTERDAY.

So, I'm still waiting to hear from Today's Parent, both on the submission to 'My View' and an article proposal I sent in. And waiting to hear from Readers Digest, and two other magazines that I can think of off the top of my head.

*listens to crickets chirping*

Ok, so that's a lie. We still have snow here in Edmonton, so there isn't a cricket around.

Also waiting for all the fiction contests that I've submitted to as well. At least I have started another story, and written a cpl more articles as well. That's one of the few benefits with insomnia...I can get up and do some 1 handed typing until I think sleep might happen. 1 handed typing is also slooooooooooow going, which in itself is a frustrating issue...but until the day comes that I can afford a new puter and voice recognition program, 1 handed typin we shall go.

So, that's how things stand here at the Non Stepford house. Whole lotta nuttin going on.

Arent you glad I blogged? :oP

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