Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its A No Go

I failed.


I simply got my butt handed to me by my RSD. I can't handle making the dress for Diva.

So, I'm giving her the material, etc for Christmas, and it will be a project that we do together (ie, I supervise)

I'm angry, depressed. I wanted to honour my daughter, and RSD robbed me of that.

I'm not 'me' right now. Wolf has even commented on how quiet I am the last day or two. Apparently, "A quiet wife isn't a happy wife" as far as he's concerned.

Hopefully, I get back to being 'me' soon.

Merry Christmas to everyone. God Bless.


Our Westmoreland School said...

This could be an even greater gift. I know it does not seem that way, but there is so much bonding in creating something together.


Diva might be disappointed at first, but as you both end up making hilarious mistakes (btdt) and when the finished project fits wonderfully (a-symmetrical hems and all), you'll have made more joyous memories than a simple dress could have possibly provided, even if it was made by Mom.

thehorizontalyoyo said...

Hey girl..finally catching up on some blog reading...