Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Traditions?!?

Ok, so was asked recently about any Christmas traditions...and initially I thought, "What?! I'm supposed to have traditions? Oh crap..."

But, I've been thinking about this, and a tradition is just something you do every year, right? If so...

1) Put the tree up
I curse and swear under my breath while putting the tree together. Bending all the branches this way and that. Wolf takes children and disappears until its done, so the children don't get a very different idea of what 'fa la la la la' really means. They emerge after lights are on, and procede to decorate the tree. Wolf hoists a kid up to put the angel on.

Grab tree from falling over as kid puts said angel on.

Spend rest of season chasing little people away from attempting to climb tree.

2) Bake cookies. Usually twice before Christmas, since I live with Not Me, who chows down every cookie in the house prior to Christmas.

3) Christmas Eve: wrap gifts. Run out of paper. Go rummaging around, certain that I bought more...paper, gifts, whatever, always that feeling I forgot something. Stay up til some unholy hour, putting gifts under tree/putting gifts together/wrapping/wait for littles to fall asleep.

Fall into bed exhausted.

Eyes fly open at the brink of sleep with the realization of a) what I forgot to put under the tree or b) Santa forgot to eat cookies and drink milk.

4) Christmas am: Assemble blearily around tree. Watch zombie like as everyone opens gifts. Start turkey. Make breakfast. Disappear for nap.

Hows that for traditions?

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