Friday, July 25, 2008

Brief Update

Went and saw the PT that WCB set up, and he agrees with my GP. He saw how badly swollen my hand was, even though the discolouration wasn't anywhere near as bad at that time. My reaction to his testing further confirmed it...for him, anyways. Its the stupidest bloody thing. I haven't mentioned it because I honestly thought I was losing it, and that someone would think I was making this up...

Give you an example. With his finger tips, he stroked the outside and inside of my arm. Initially, I didn't feel much at all...kinda like my skin was a bit numb. About 5 minutes later...WHAM. Suddenly my arm was on fire, like he'd rubbed me with sand paper. I've been having this happen, and just thought I was losing it...turns out its a part of the RSD. The nerves are extremely over reactive, but the signal doesn't travel as fast as it should...if that makes any sense at all. Course, the PT doesn't carry any weight when it comes to diagnosing, that's still up to the pain specialist...and no clue how long its gonna take to get into someone. That alone could take months. Yippee. But, it is someone that is working for WCB confirming the Dx, so its another brick in the wall.

I don't think that its really set in. I just can't think of the rest of my life like mind just can't grasp it. I've witnessed what chronic pain can do to a person, to their personality, to their family...I don't want that for me or mine. It scares the hell out of me...the idea that the younger two won't remember me before I was injured...that to them their mom was never 'normal'...

I just don't know.

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