Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MRI Today

So, went for the MRI. Let me just say that I'm sooooooooo freakin glad that Wolf and I got some common sense and realized that this was something that I COULD NOT do on my own with the kids. Took 2 freakin hours for starters.

To anyone that has never had the pleasure of an MRI with contrast dye, be grateful. Not a fun time.

The dye was first. Freezing, thank GOD, then the dye needle. That thing is looooooooong. And the lovely sensation of it hitting the bone...*cringe* Thank heavens the folks had a sense of humour though. I was nervous as hell about the whole thing, and kept cracking jokes, and they went right along. I ended up with iodine stains on the front of my gown (One Size Fits Jabba the Hutt) and then, since there was no back way around, ended up paraded through the waiting room. And let me say that dried iodine and dried blood look exactly the freaking same. I told the tech that we probably managed to scare the shit out of several ppl waiting, cause I made eye contact with one woman, and I saw her eyes widen as she stared at my gown, and I thought she was going to pass out.

Then the MRI itself. I confirmed today that I so do not do well in enclosed spaces. Like, at all. I cried the entire half hour I was in there. I did manage to keep from pressing the emergency 'let me the hell out' bell though, by telling myself, "Five more minutes and I'll press it" over and over again until they finally got me out. Closing my eyes didn't help much, cause then I felt even MORE closed in than I actually was, convinced that the top of the tube was almost against my nose. I kept thinking that this is what it felt like to be buried alive...and that this is how it must feel to be rolled into a crematorium. My imagination is sometimes a curse. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.

I'm sore as hell, and sincerely hoping and praying that whatever is wrong with my shoulder shows up with a bright neon arrow pointing to it. The results are being sent both to my PT, so I should know whats up Friday.

If I never go through another MRI, it'll be too soon.

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Iva said...

I don't think I've ever read of a pleasant MRI experience. Doesn't seem like I'm missing much.