Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Tears...Pray For Me, Please

Just got a call from my case manager.  Amongst other things, they're looking at sending me to a city several hours away for 6-7 wks.  She's even suggested that I bring the kids with me.  I asked what I'd do with them while I was in program, and she mentioned Diva could babysit.  In the hotel.  I don't freaking believe this.

All of my Drs have been against this pain clinic.  Partly because of my home life, but also because this pain clinic takes you off all.your.meds.  I can't imagine how bad things will be or get if I'm completely med free...and this is from someone that resisted being on meds from the start.  Case mgr bluntly told me that she doesn't like ppl on the meds I'm on 'forever'.  Well, guess what?  There's no other freakin option.

I'm to go to an assessment here in the city at some point.  If they figure they can't help (and if they're honest, and not just out for the $$, they'll say they won't/can't...I've been through every aspect of their program already, in bits and pieces, at 2 yrs + after diagnosis, there's no recovery.  It is what it is, period.) If that's the case, case mgr is talking sending me away...because there's also a vocational aspect to that particular pain clinic.  I've no doubt that's the big issue here.

I've gone from her talking about leaving me alone for several years to her wanting to send me away AGAIN, something she even admits is NOT supported by ANY of my drs.  But Worker's Comp can do whatever the h*ll they please, because they OWN me.

I'm just praying that btwn my drs and my union, she backs the heck off.


Iva said...

Oh,Imp! I'm so sorry that you're still going through all of this...and after so long!

I will say a prayer for you.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Ketamine?

Beth said...

It seems to me that any reasonable person would understand that this is not a viable option for you. I am sure they will see that it can't work in the real world. (((hugs))

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