Friday, November 6, 2009

A Gift Too Soon

Diva turns eleven today. Yay Diva! Happy Birthday!

And she got her first period last night.

*Insert Mommy fainting here.*

Thank heavens she knew from our talks exactly what was going on, so she had that half excited/half embarrassed look to her.

Wolf on the other hand...He about dropped. I mean, worse than me. I just wanted to cry, because having to deal with menstruation at eleven just seems like a rotten thing (its rotten at my age, I wouldn't wish it on an eleven year old, lol!). He on the other hand, turned green at the very idea that his little! On the good side, seems to finally *get* why I've been ranting about hormone free meat and milk, whole foods, an acreage, growing and raising everything that goes into our mouths.

He's even going to talk to his buddy about going hunting for the first time. Wolf's anxious to start providing 'clean' meat now and not wait. Venison is about as clean as it gets, and free to boot. If Wolf finally gets around to getting his Metis status, he can hunt year round, not just in season...same with the buddy he'll hunt with.

Oh, any parental "Oh my, she's too young!" momentary freak outs were done away from the kids, and unheard. Just so nobody thinks we flipped in front of Diva image


smnthpt said...

Awww... that sucks, especially right before her birthday.

Not June said...

I saw your blog on MWOB. My oldest turned 8 yesterday. And we just had "the talk" today. When did this happen? When did our kids start growing up?

Domestic Goddess said...

It was a lousy birthday gift!I don't know when they grew up...they sure as heck didn't listen to me, and my command to cut it the heck out!

Thanks June for coming to my blog!