Monday, October 26, 2009

Please, For The Loveofmuffins, DON'T CLEAN!

This is what I need to tell my husband. I know, I know, there are women out there that would give an appendage for a husband that cleans house.

But not the way Wolf does it.

He throws everything in the garbage that *he* doesn't think is important. Stuff he *does* think is important he stuffs in a box, or on my desk/homeschooling area. Then, of course he nags me about the mess my desk/homeschool area is. *sigh*

I cannot FIND things when he 'cleans'. Case in point, I can't find the reimbursement form for Diva's homeschool stuff. I've looked everywhere, and nope. The entire 'welcome package' we were sent, including a computer disc, has vanished. *Poof* Heaven only knows where the heck it is.

I've already called and thrown myself on the mercy of the folks at the school board, and they're emailing me some files (as soon as they can figure out how to make them smaller, because apparently my email doesn't like the current size of the files) so that I can at least get the reimbursement done.

All I can say to the women whose husband's don't clean is to be careful what you wish for...because one day, he might.

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