Sunday, April 5, 2009

Starting A Commune, Wanna Join?


I'm getting really tired of some of the stuff that's happening in society these days. The only solution I can think of is finally winning the lotto and buying the acreage that Wolf and I have been dreaming about for years now.

Its just really getting insane.

Take today for example. Diva is 'friends' with the kid across the sidewalk from us. Got invited to the movies. The kid's parents are taking her to see Adventureland. (I say 'friends' because they're the only two girls in the neighbourhood. If Diva had the option of another girl, she would gladly take it.) These are 10 and 11 yo girls, folks. Adventureland is rated 14A, and deals with a story line where the highlight of the lead character's summer is getting to smoke pot all summer long. I soooooooo don't think so. Diva was not granted permission, which led to a long conversation regarding differences in parenting styles, morals, principles, etc.

But, there's more than that. I'm tired of walking down the street and hearing kids in elementary school use profanity like it was a mastered second language, I'm tired of seeing young girls dressed in ways that only seem to serve the purpose to render them physically desireable, and then there's the rising rates of sexual experience amongst children, younger and younger.

And then there's the violence issue. I'm sorry, but I can remember when I was in school, you did NOT talk back to adults. It just did NOT happen, period. Now? *snort*. Things are getting dang scary out there, folks. On the streets, in the schools, in our neighbourhoods.

So, winning the lottery and moving out to an acreage seems like the only reasonable solution. Anyone want to join me?


Debbie said...

People are crazy. This is why I often don't allow my kids to do things with others.

bettyl said...

Yes, we are the MEAN parents that don't let the kids roam the streets or do whatever they like. They have to ASK and CHECK IN and it's *wrist to forehead* so unfair!

Domestic Goddess said...

I'm telling ya! Its getting nuts out there! I have a tshirt in my shop that says, "I Homeschool Because Of Children Like Yours!" and there are some children that its totally appropriate for!

thehorizontalyoyo said...

Got you beat - there is word that there is a FIFTH grader who is pregnant! That's the Boy's age! I sooo do not think so!