Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Of Life's Ironies

One of life's ironies, as Wolf like's to point out is that I have to take somewhere in the neighbourhood of 30 pills a day. No, that's not a typo folks, that actually is 3-0, as in thirty. The irony being, I choke on chewable vitamins. Watching me down pills is something of a family entertainment. I've caught Wolf on the phone, taking bets, on if I choke, and to what degree. I hope he at least makes enough money to buy me flowers out of it.


Just had a choke session. Quite the dramatic one, with coffee spewing from mouth AND nose, progeny a 'running to ensure that I will live to make supper. I choked out a request for a towel, and Tazzie returned with one moments later, proudly announcing, "Here, Mommmy!" and just as I was about to wipe my face with it, I hear Diva shriek, "Don't use that! I cleaned up Princess' pee with it off the bathroom floor this morning!"

At least she warned me BEFORE I used the towel. Its those special moments that prove a child's love, folks. I've no doubt that by the time she's 14, she'll wait til AFTER I used it, then tell me while she snickered. Course, if Princess is still peeing on the floor in four years, we've got other issues...Maybe we'll have a puppy piddling on the floor by then?
But I digress.

Just an interesting note to close on...I now know what its like to have coffee scented snot. Interesting.


thehorizontalyoyo said...

Bless your little ol' heart.

Not a pill person here, either.

Please tell me they are at least small (but the ultimate irony would be that all 30 of those bad boys are as big as horse pills)...

Domestic Goddess said...

Not all 30 are horse pills,but several of them are Mr. Ed size. I'd say about half?

Cindy DG said...

Sorry you had to endure coffee scented snot, but at least your face wasn't scented like dog pee :)

Debbie said...

Oh, the idea of the pee towel is so revolting!