Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blogger MPD

I think its starting to set in. I've even changed my name, and am toying with changing it back again.

Bear with me.

I've been Domestic Goddess for a bit, simply because it makes me snicker at the complete oxymoron at ME being labelled a Domestic Goddess. A prime example of sarcasm at its finest. So, I switched to Not A Stepford Wife on my profile.

But then, I started reading through my posts, and dang, I refer to myself as Domestic Goddess a LOT on here. Which would mean a LOT of editing.

And I'm one handed typing.

Or just lazy.

We'll stick with the one handed typing. And as much as I am very definately the prime living breathing ultimate example of Not A Stepford Wife, its a dang long name to I'm going back to the Domestic Goddess. makes Wolf's eye twitch in that really neat way every time he happens to read over my shoulder and sees it.



smnthpt said...

Lol @ blogger MPD!!! I think Domestic Goddess fits. Yes, I am aware that it's a slight twist on things however somehow... you just own that title. It's wonderful and worth a snicker. You may not be Martha but you work darn hard at the Mom and home stuff. Domestic Goddess is you, 100%. Wear it with pride. Lol :-)

Domestic Goddess said...

Ya know...I have tshirts and coffee mugs in my shop with Domestic Goddess on them...thinking I need to buy some stuff...LOL

Iva said...

Well, if you want my opinion - I think you should stay with Domestic Goddess. Just the sheer irony of it is wonderful. And the sarcasm? It is *your* online personae - or is it...LOL