Friday, March 27, 2009

Lets Make A Deal...

Honest to Peter, I'm going to have to set myself up some sort of nasty consequence for leaving my blog(s) unattended. No coffee unless I blog? *gasp* That would be somewhat counter-productive, since I'm unsure that I would be able to type, let alone form coherent words, let alone sentances without my beloved go-juice. So, caffeine withholding isn't going to be an option. Hmmmm...No web surfing before blogging? Now that would work...assuming there was anyone to hold me to it...and there isn't. Diva, who would LOVE to have such power over her mother, isn't going to get such a chance, Wolf would look at me blankly and nod, and the Littles...well, yeah. So not going to work. I guess it'll just have to be my word of honour, that I'll blog more regularily.


Uh...I know! I'll view it as a writing assignment! That'll work! Until I realize I'm not getting paid, even by comments...*sigh* Its hard to be a Domestic Goddess when the audience is silent, ya know. So, if you're out there, COMMENT, PEOPLE!! Goddesses require adulation. Its in the contract, read the fine print. Why do you think they had all those temples and stuff, huh? Read Greek or Roman mythology, and see what happened when Goddesses didn't get their proper worshipping. It wasn't pretty, trust me. Don't make me pull out my Magic Erasers and go all scrub crazy on your heinies. Won't be nice.

Now that my pointless and worthless blustering threats are over, I'll resort to begging...please leave a comment, my fragile ego needs it, k? :oP

You comment, and I post more.



smnthpt said...

*Sigh* Lol, us commenters need feedback too. My last one went un replied on. Rather than fall into the depths of depression (add drama here)I'll look forward to more blogging cuz you really are good at it. Definate entertainment value for me. Welcome back to blogsville! Lol.

Iva said...

You update more often and I'll be sure to comment :) Don't forget - I need bloggy love, too *grin*

Domestic Goddess said...

Ah...there's my lovin! Its a mutual admiration society...or attention needy person situation, which ever works. (hey, notice my attempt to be G rated? I didn't simply say, "Attention Ho"! Yay me! Course, I think I just blew it, didn't I? Whoops!)