Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holy Stubborn, Batman!

My youngest child has a stubborn streak that would have most in awe. I figure she got a double dose from both Wolf and I, because neither of us on our own are THAT stubborn.

Here's a perfect example:

This am, Princess decided to throw a fit over what game to play on the Little Leap system, howling and kicked at me. So, she gets her butt planted on the steps until she's stopped howling, and says, "Sorry, Mommy."

The howling stopped almost immediately...but do you think the apology would happen? *snort*

"Princess, say sorry, Mommy"
"Mmmm hmmmm" head nod.
"You have to say the words out loud. 'Sorry, Mommy'"
"Mmm hmmm"

Little turd. It wasn't til Wolf got home and she wanted off the step to see Daddy that she finally chirped, "Soree, Momm"


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