Friday, December 19, 2008


Thank you to Jane and Sam for your support!

The good news is that it has taken the edge off the arm, so on that basis, a repeat is likely. Yay!

Bad news is there's something going on with my right eye. RN before the procedure noted that the pupil in my rt eye is dilated more than my left. Apparently pupil dilation is part of the sympathetic nervous system...what I'm wondering is if its from my migraines, or maybe what's causing them.

Also, the droopy eye thing was a lot worse than the first time, and red as heck. Felt like I've got vinegar and sand in my eyes. My tears actually hurt.

So, I'm really freaked out about the eye issue. Specialist is off on vacation til the New Year, so I'll go see my GP next week. I'm worried about potential damage to the eye...Last thing I need is to be the one eyed one armed flying know what I mean.

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smnthpt said...

Good news on the pain reduction front. Hopefully, your GP can help you out with whatever is happenng with your eye. Who knew this much could come of having your shoulder wrenched... you must be p*ssed with all of this.

Are the kids all hyped up for Christmas? Mine are counting the minutes. Lol. Everyone (but me) is off for Christmas break now and all excited because for once we got enough snow that they're all going tobogganing tomorrow. Must be nice (the green-eyed monster raises its ugly head lol). I can't get out of work. Anyway, I should run. The alarm goes off early in the morning. I just wanted to say hello. It's hard to get time to do that as I'm averaging 55-70 hrs a week and this site has me register every time I come here (computer alzheimers?)which I don't often have time to sit for. I'm glad to hear that you've got at least some measure of relief over Christmas. That has to be very welcome. Sam:-)