Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Interesting Dream...

Had an interesting dream as I was waking up this am. I say as I was waking up, because even as I was getting out of bed, my brain was still continuing a convo from the dream.

In the dream, I was adopting the sibling group that I've been thinking about...and yep, somehow came into enough money to get a large enough house to do so.

I sit here and wonder...is that just me fantasizing, or is it some sort of message I should be paying attention to?

I've been praying...a lot. Praying that if this is the path I am meant to walk, that some way is found for us to walk it. That some how we know, for SURE that its meant to be, and that our way is cleared in terms of housing to accomplish it. As a friend often tells me, nothing is impossible for God...and that He doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called. I keep reminding myself of this...while my heart aches for four children in foster care, wanting a family of their own.

I know the statistics. I know that the ages of these children make adoption placements difficult, even if they were 'single adoptions'. The fact that they're a sibling group of 4 makes it near impossible. As prideful as it sounds, in my heart I feel like we're if not the only, one of the only shots these kids may have of being adopted together. I know, I know...pride. And once again, nothing is impossible for God. If He wants these children in a family, then it will happen, regardless of my fears, yearnings, desires. We may not be the family for these children. We may not be a family for any of these children that my heart aches for, we may not even be meant to foster.

I can deal with yes, or no. Its the 'maybe' that makes me a wee bit nutty. I just wish God would let me in on His plans for us somehow, so that we can better walk the path that He has set for us.


Linda said...

Umm..God is leading you..my advice, to let him lead. Blessings.

Domestic Goddess said...

But who is He leading, Wolf or myself? Wolf went from talking about what ages would be a good fit to saying, "Maybe in a cpl of years..." *gack* We've pretty much agreed that once we have a house with our name on the mortgage, it'll definately be time...but who knows if/when that'll happen?

Linda said...

Here is my feeling, (again, you really didn't ask, lol)--he is leading you both. IF and when you adopt, the house and all of that will come.Let your heart lead, Imp.